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Orange Ball - Sak Rafique - Coach

Sak Rafique Director

With 18 years’ experience as a Sports Coach, Advanced Skills Teacher and Senior Leader (NPQSL), Sak Rafique has been described as a driven and highly effective teacher who has an innate understanding of what motivates individuals to succeed.


Sak is a fully qualified Executive Coach with accreditation from the Institute of Leadership and Management and a Masters Degree in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.


His lengthy teaching career and extensive coaching experience have given him an in-depth understanding of the science behind emotional wellbeing and its correlation with pupil and employee performance.


Sak has delivered a range of executive coaching and wellbeing programmes across the education and corporate sectors. His professional background and ongoing commitment to the education system makes him a specialist on positive education and coaching within schools.


Society recognises that both pupils and teachers are vulnerable to stress and yet there are few qualified practitioners with Sak’s level of insight and expertise in this field. The lack of provision means that mental health issues within schools are not being sufficiently addressed.


“Orange Ball coaching programmes can help teams and individuals to overcome the challenges they face and re-ignite the positivity that is within us all. It is vitally important to equip young people and adults with the skills and behaviours to flourish in a challenging world.”


Sak Rafique
Executive Wellbeing Coach

Simon Maguire Lead Associate

As a former research scientist and published academic, Simon has studied the underlying genetics of cognitive and behavioural disorders. He uses evidenced based strategies to build resilient individuals and organisations.


Using principles of positive psychology which creates enduring positive changes, he designs and delivers bespoke positive stress management and mindfulness-based interventions for individuals and groups.


“I use evidenced based Positive Psychology Coaching to help my clients to achieve their goals and believe that building resilience enhances wellbeing and performance.”


Simon Maguire
Resilience Coach