Supporting schools to promote positivity and wellbeing

“Pressure to perform can be destabilising for pupils and teachers alike. Pass them an ORANGE BALL to promote positive thinking and emotional wellbeing.”

Orange Ball - Wellbeing Coaching for Education

A flourishing school is one with:

Quality teaching

Positive outcomes

High level of pastoral care for both pupils and staff in order to safeguard their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

ORANGE BALL works within schools to promote positive education. We use evidenced based strategies with measurable outcomes.

For teachers, ORANGE BALL programmes can:

Raise awareness about the importance of positive mental health

Equip individuals with tools and techniques to manage stress

Help identify personal strengths and how to capitalise on them personally and professionally

Develop positive thinking, resilience and optimism to help overcome the pressure of a heavy workload

Help to set life goals and support career progression to avoid feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a rut

Teach mindfulness and an understanding of how positive psychology can be incorporated into classrooms for accelerated learning.

For pupils, ORANGE BALL programmes can:

Engage individuals with their mental health and wellbeing by asking ‘What’s right with you?”

Share strategies on how pupils can positively manage pressure and anxiety surrounding performance in school and beyond

Raise awareness of individual strengths and how they can be applied in lessons and outside of the educational setting

Support pupils to adopt a more positive mindset and avoid negative behaviours

Highlight the importance of positive relationships and how to build and sustain them.

A time to be open and transparent about the mental health and emotional wellbeing needs of your school before committing to your education coaching sessions. This will enable us to plan a bespoke programme tailored for you school’s goals.

ORANGE BALL has the expertise to work at a strategic level, supporting schools to integrate positivity and wellbeing at every level.


Programmes include workshops, group coaching, mentoring and 1:1 support.