Orange Ball - Wellbeing Coaching for Businesses


Executive wellbeing coaching to improve workplace productivity

“Pass employees an ORANGE BALL to equip them with the tools and techniques they need to perform at their best. It has been proven that positivity pays.”

Orange Ball - Wellbeing Coaching

ORANGE BALL coaching programmes are applicable across all business sectors as they are customised to meet the specific needs of each client.


A happy and healthy employee is for more productive than one struggling to manage their workload or unable to cope with stress.


ORANGE BALL uses evidenced based strategies proven to have a positive impact on teams or individuals within a workplace setting.

Outcomes for employees may include:

Improved positive mental health leading to increased cognitive and physical performance

Greater awareness of individual strengths and how they can help overcome workplace challenges

Strategies to combat stress

Increased work/life balance, job satisfaction and sense of purpose

An understanding of how to develop and sustain positive relationships within the workplace and beyond.

A time to be open and transparent before committing to your corporate coaching sessions. This will enable us to plan a bespoke programme tailored for you and your employee goals.

ORANGE BALL has the expertise to work at a strategic level, supporting businesses to integrate positivity and wellbeing at every level.


Programmes include workshops, group coaching, mentoring and 1:1 support.