ORANGE BALL delivers bespoke coaching programmes across the educational and corporate sectors. Here is what existing clients have to say about our services:

Sak Rafique has been an absolute inspiration for me. Not only is he very approachable but more importantly, he possesses a wealth of knowledge of how to use different teaching strategies for various groups of students. His motivational spirit made Sak very popular with students and colleagues.
TF: Mathematics Teacher
I have worked with Sak for a number of years. He coached and mentored me as a PGCE student and then as an NQT. He has shaped and inspired me in my teaching career which has led me to gain a position on my school SLT.
TP: Assistant Headteacher
I found my sessions with Sak very useful. We built up a good rapport and he got me to do a few exercises which were quite an eye opener in terms of identifying my priorities right now and my goals for the future. It was very productive and helped me decide on a plan of action.
EMB: Political Analyst
I would recommend to schools for students and adults, I certainly learnt things I will take forward in my professional and personal life.
SL: School Support Assistant
He is a fabulous person to work with and have on your team. His ability to lead projects is outstanding, has a fabulous vision and enthusiasm that rubs off on everyone he meets. He is an excellent colleague: approachable, loyal and enthusiastic. He worked with and developed a number of our teachers as they blossomed in the early part of their career.
RW: Headteacher
My career development partner recommended coaching as a training method for helping me gain more confidence and improve my influencing skills. She put me in contact with Sak and after an initial brief discussion around my objectives, we set out a plan built around three to four sessions. I was a bit unsure about what to expect from coaching but Sak was very professional and made me feel at ease from the outset. A great listener, he helped me to focus on my strengths and coached me on how to use positive thinking to overcome self-doubt in stressful situations. Sak asks the right questions and has helped find the right answers for me!
DP- Procure4
Sak and Simon were excellent in engaging our students in the idea of positive psychology; giving them strategic ways to manage their well-being through mindfulness and self awareness. They graciously included any teachers in their process who expressed and interest in being a part of the workshops.


It was great to have two brilliant coaches teach me how to stay positive and to avoid the negative side to things.
Provided me with an understanding of the importance of mental health.
It has really made me realise how people feel and how to make them better. It has given me more of a reason to pursue the job I want because it fits my strengths.
I appreciated Mr Rafique's willingness and bravery to share his own personal experiences. I think that it was good that he did this as I would not have been prompted to do the space model if one of the coaches didn't do this themselves.