ORANGE BALL Harnessing the power of positive psychology

“Our evidence-based coaching programmes help individuals to discover and make use of their own ORANGE BALL – a sporting metaphor for gaining clarity and improving performance through positive psychology.”

Build Resilience

Greater employee productivity


Lower stress and anxiety levels

Manage Pressure

Improved health and wellbeing

Positive Mindset

Greater job satisfaction


Emotional wellbeing is integral to our ability to lead happy and successful lives. Adults and children alike can suffer from stress, anxiety and self-doubt, leading to behaviours that are counter-productive and demotivating.


ORANGE BALL works within schools and businesses to equip teams or individuals with the tools and techniques they need to harness the power of positivity and enhance their psychological wellbeing.


Our bespoke coaching programmes support pupils and employees to identify their strengths and help them overcome psychological barriers that are holding them back, both personally and professionally.


The measurable outcomes include improved performance and productivity, greater job satisfaction, enhanced happiness and wellbeing.

Positive Psychology for:

Orange Ball - Wellbeing Coaching - Sak Rafique


We support pupils, teachers and schools to promote positive mental health.


Executive Wellbeing Coaching for optimal functioning and performance.

1:1 Coaching

Individual coaching to promote wellbeing and optimal functioning.